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Home buying is more than just looking at the price, school, location and monthly mortgage. It’s more of a dream and a lifetime investment. And for something as important as this, we are glad we had Andrew and his wife Leslie to find us one in this tough market. Andrew and Leslie are a complete package. They helped us with our budget and were very good in determining the right price for the property. Andrew is very fast in finding the right homes while Leslie is equally amazing in showing us all the properties and letting us know how we could make it work. It took us more than a year to find the right house but the entire experience was very smooth and pleasant. They are not the typical realtors who would push you, just to close a deal, they are good and true friends who look out and want the best for you. After buying the house, we were still able to reach out to Andrew for tiny fixes and he would help find the right person for the job. His pleasant response is still the same. We would happily recommend Andrew/Leslie to anyone who is looking to buy a home!

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